Rc Sea Fury

Stewart Dawson's Hawker Fury FB.11 "Spirit of Texas" Original Reno Air Race Version: http://www.warbirddepot.com/aircraft_fighters_fury-dawson.asp Pilot: Stefan Möller - Location: Mollis (CH) 2013 Massstab / Scale: 1/4.5 Spw. / Wingspan: 2.56 m Gewicht / Weight: 27 Kg Motor: Moki 250cc "S" Holzbausatz / Wooden-Kit: von / of Vailly Aviation http://vaillyaviation.com/Hawker%20Seafury.html OHNE Gyro/Kreisel und sonstigen Hilfen geflogen! Flown without gyro or other assistance! If you have questions of the model, please contact directly the Pilot, Stefan Möller, via his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/inbox?to_user_ext_ids=9Q7p0uJZFzc-tNbkmL4OnQ&action_compose=1 Thanks for watching !"